Privacy Policy

This website collects information upon registration with the website. Other forms of collection of data may occur through the collection of website traffic and aggregate usage data. For instance, the date and time you visit my site, the (IP) address from which your website was accessed, the web pages visited, duration on each page, the type of browser and operating system used to access my site. Information may also be collected through correspondences such as through emails, faxes or phone calls. Collection of information also occurs through order processing.

This website collects all of the personal information you enter into it through forms and orders.

This personal information will be used to complete your order and contact you.

This information will be stored in a private database and will not be distributed to any third party vendors, except for parties that assist in the completion of your order such as information provided during the shipping process to the carrier and to credit card merchants and banks in processing your payment.

Your information may be used to send out information about events, promotions, changes in services, etc.

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